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Experience elegance and great wine at the Le Convivial Wine and Spa Hotel.      Enjoy life in our luxury suites.

Xylokastro, Greece


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High quality linen from Venice, pieces of art, precious antiques from Tuscany and a superb classic atmosphere will drive you to a wonderful journey.



Wine Tasting

Our wine lounge offers you superb wines from Peloponnese and especially from Nemea region,where the main grape variety is agiorgitiko,which give a deep red wine full of aromas.Wine tasting includes wines of a specific winery throught the years or same year wines made by different winemakers, great wines & prize winning labels.


Selected products from the rich sunny Mediterranian nature of Peloponnese will enriche taste and memory of this unique place. Our chef combines local ingedients with great region wines making traditional or inspired dishes.
The products come daily from small local organic farms and inspiration motivates us to offer you superior quality food prepared with love and passion.




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Le CONVIVIAL Wine Mediterranean Spa expresses the blend of famous Asian massage techniques with Mediterranean rich nature of herbs and ingredients from the blessed Greek nature.

Le Convivial – get to know the area


The name of Corinthos has remained the same for the last 5000 years, indicating the very same area of kings, philosophers, apostles, who left behind their marks on monuments (Mycenae), on sports (Olympia) and on culture (Epidaurus). They say that touring Greece is the things you can feel. Even more so it is the privilege to stand where Asclepius and Hippocrates used to heal their patients, where Periandros transformed philosophy into State, where the Apostle Paul preached, and to hear the echo of the words, the voices, the men.

Xylokastron is a picturesque little town lying on the shores of the Corinthian Gulf Riviera, right in the middle of the wonders of ancient, Byzantine and modern Greece. Corinthos, Epidaurus, Nemea, Mycenae, Nafplion, Delphi, Lepanto, Patras, Olympia, are all at a distance which is ideal for a day trip full of sun, sea and beauty.

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