A solid wine experience of seminars, tasting, and luxurious wine spa treatments

Wine experience

We are happy to suggest and invite you to spend a week in the sunny vineyards of Peloponnese.

Follow the wine roads, walk around the mythical regions of Hercules. Meet the famous wine makers of the area and taste great wines.

Start your exclusive trip to discover the cellars and the wine varieties of the area. Be part of a unique week of wine ritual in Nemea and the surrounding area in  Peloponnese. Then after having experienced our most famous wine district, spoil yourself  with great anti oxidating and anti-aging rejuvenating treatments in our spa at Le CONVIVIAL.

Our wine program includes:
5 nights’ accommodation with

  • Welcome drinks
  • morning coffee and cookies
  • breakfast/brunch served from 10 a.m to noon
  • Mediterranean dinner with first plate, salad, main dish and dessert)
  • Evening herbal tea with homemade cake

• “Introduction to Greek wines” seminar and wine-tasting session

• “Introduction to wine making” seminar and wine-tasting session

• Wine tasting & lunch in local winery

• Grape-picking (available only during the picking season)

  • Wine spa treatments based on exclusive wine and grape products of superior quality from the ancient wine making area of Nemea (3 full spa treatments with  foot massage , aromatic hammam and a combination of healing balmes, relaxing, rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments and 4-hand massage)

Price: 950 euros/person



A few words for the unique place you are going to discover…..

First of all, vineyards have been cultivated in Greece and formed an important part of Greek culture since Antiquity. In the 1990s production took a leap forward with the introduction of new wine-making technologies (eg. steel tanks with temperature control) and the systematic search for and re-cultivation of indigenous varieties. Today there are more than 700 wineries and they produce more than 2.500 different wines.
Of the 4 most exported Greek varieties (2 reds and 2 whites), 2 originate in the northern Peloponnese:

The red Aghiorgitiko was born more than 2.000 years ago and is still cultivated in Nemea, and the white “Moschofilero” originates in Mantineia. Nemea is situated 40 km from Le CONVIVIAL and the wine roads which bear the same name start almost on our doorstep!

Mantineia is situated a few km south of Nemea, in the famous Arcadia district.

The seminars and wine tastings

Our “Introduction to Greek wines” seminar will take you on a journey around Greece, from the southern islands of Crete and Santorini, to the northern mountains of Macedonia, guiding you along the way through our most famous wine houses and introducing you to our most interesting local varieties.
“Wine making” will familiarize you with basic and more advanced wine making techniques, in order to allow you to better appreciate the effort inherent in a high quality wine, as well as the risks involved throughout the process.
Wine tasting sessions aim to help you demystify the art of appreciating wine and to introduce you to the complex and very rewarding world of good wine!

A few words for the great wine spa treatments you are going to enjoy at Le CONVIVIAL Mediterranean Wine Spa

Spoil yourself in a combination of taste and wellness, of aromas and experience

Benefit from healing  balms,  pomades and skin treatments from the colorful grapes of different varieties. Wine and grape seeds, fresh grape juices and grape peeling treatments, antioxidating and revitalizing wraps from the blessed sunny Greek nature.

Enjoy a ritual of the Mediterranean nature with the efficacy of the grapes depend on Polyphenols, grape seed anti-oxidants of high value effective in contrasting the toxic action of the free radicals, which cause the ageing and the degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerosis, tumours etc. These anti-oxidants form a protective layer on the skin and stimulate the renewal of cells, elastin and collagen.

Grape Seed Polyphenols: Exceptional Anti-Oxidants

Grape polyphenols fight against free radicals, which cause 80% of skin aging. These free radicals are generated by light, pollution, smoke, etc.  As a result, they destroy our cells and thus lead to premature aging. Also, they are the culprits that cause your car to rust and your fruit to turn brown.
Polyphenols offer unequalled action against free radicals at the very heart of the cell all day long.

Le Convivial Spa is the perfect oasis in which to relax and restore skin, body and mind. The spa artfully melds the signature Le Convivial Spa elements to create a warm ambiance.

Spa treatments include a menu of world-famous facials with grape and vine active patents to purify, firm, energize and illuminate your skin. Try the (Wineperfect) Facial, Honey & Wine Wraps, a Crushed Cabernet Scrub or the Wine Maker’s Massage for the body. Treatments are all manually therapeutic and performed by trained Wine therapists.

We serve our guests organic draining herbal tea with red wine leaves and grapes during their visit to the spa. Le Convivial wine Spa allows you to escape reality in an environment of absolute beauty, and incomparable personal, quiet and gentle service.

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