Combine a relaxing stay with rejuvenating spa treatments, with unforgettable sight-seeing, yoga, skiing, biking, trekking, bungee jumping, sailing or any other activities of your interest.



We offer several options for sailing in both seas of Greece, Ionian and Aegean…



Are you ready to take your yoga class abroad? Enjoy yoga sessions in our pine forest with the sunlight soaring through the green pine roof or walk a few steps down to our beach with its beautiful round stones and the crystal clear water. You’ll be guided through the chakras and your body’s functions by a certificated and experienced yoga instructor.

Special Events

Whether you like meetings, lectures, music nights, culture nights, cooking nights, herbal presentations, wine tasting, team building activities, or just relaxing, we are here to make it happen.



Situated at the epicentre of ancient Greek & Byzantine eras, you can make sightseeing tours where you will see, feel and hear surroundings that date back thousands of years, visit ancient but still vibrant villages with winding alleys and artistic handicraft, take the old train up to Kalavrita mountains, go by boat through the spectacular Corinth canal, discover the diverse and fascinating capital Athens, join a guided bus tour, or just sunbathe at white sandy or pebbled beaches with a glass of ice cold ouzo in your hand. We are happy to help you arrange or book the sightseeing tour of your dreams.

Bungee Jumping

bungee jumping

Are you after a really special experience? Bungee-jump of Corinth! Sotiris Pavlou and his Zulu Bungee team have something truly unique to offer you: bungee jumping from one of the most famous bridges in the world, the bridge over the Canal of Corinth. A true adrenalin kick!



Play tennis by the sea, or in one of  the 6 tennis courts of the “Sythas” Tennis Club of Xylokastro (free of charge), from early in the morning until 10pm at night!


cycling activities in Peloponnese

Combine your stay at Le CONVIVIAL  with cycling tours through the ancient wine roads of Nemea, stopping along the way to visit selected wineries and places of cultural importance.


horse riding

There is a small ski resort on Mount Ziria , called the “winter sports centre of Ziria”. It has one small beginner’s lift and one half red/half blue piste. The centre is great to initiate your children, or yourself, to the joys of winter sports!

Day trip with River Trekking & Lake Swimming

triple bath

Day trip with River Trekking & Lake Swimming with experienced guide and lunch in a local restaurant



Have you ever wondered how it feels to breathe underwater?
Have you ever thought that a totally different world is hidden under the surface of the sea?
Follow us to the magical underwater world through a real diving experience up to a maximum 12m depth and learn the basic principles of SCUBA diving.
To do so you must be happy in body and soul and above 10yrs. All the rest is on us.

Horse Riding

horse riding

Friendly horses for a walk in the surrounding valleys and the snowy slopes of Ziria, pony to familiarize children with the noble Olympic sport of riding, and facilities and special equipment for archery.

Hiking & Trekking


Mountainous Corinthia offers many enjoyable hiking trails to nature lovers and hikers.
One of the most beautiful trails is the path Varnevo – Flabouritsa. The trail starts at the 6th km. Of the road Trikala – Zireia and descends to the ravine Flabouritsa.
The path to the flora, the amazing habitat Valley Flabouritsa will amaze you until you reach the meadows of sources of Sythas.