Food & Wine Vacation in Peloponnese

Culture vacation, cooking, culinary and wine vacation in Greece

Enjoy the great Greek wines, taste the local traditional and nouvelle Greek cuisine, follow the basic or advanced steps of the Greek cuisine lessons and Peloponnese traditional kitchen

Experience wine tasting and culinary courses in Nemea. Greek traditional cuisine lessons will tease your creativity

Selected products and great wines after wine tours in the legendary area of Nemea and the sunny Mediterranian nature of Peloponnese will enrich taste and memory of this unique place. We carefully combine local ingedients of superior quality to prepare traditional and inspired dishes.
Fresh or dried branded black Corinthian raisins, grapes, seasonal fruits, juicy sparkling yellow lemons, oranges, summer apricots and peaches, sweet organic figs, ripe purple plums are turned into marmelades,  marinates and sauces perfectly accompanied with precious healing and aromatic herbs.
All these products come daily from small local organic farms inspire and motivate us to offer you superior quality food prepared with love and passion….

If you are from the ones who cannot live without or die to taste the original superior taste of Mediterranean sea food let us know. We will arrange to find the best fresh fishes and a variety of tasty oysters from the clear blue Mediterranean waters cooked or not cooked complimented with a wisely selected rare wines. Fresh Mediterranean sea food and home made pasta in an inspired combination of taste and ingredients of superior quality will be by itself a reason to come back.

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Enjoy the best of wine tourism in Nemea and Peloponnese

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