Stay & Sail
Combine a relaxing stay with rejuvenating wine spa treatments, unforgettable sight-seeing, superb wine tours and sailing in both seas of Greece, Ionian and Aegean…

Come to Le CONVIVIAL hotel directly from Athens Int’l Airport by train, enjoy the beautiful beaches, taste original Mediterranean dishes and great wines, relax with Mediterranean wine spa treatments, share the legends and the history when visit the most famous archeological sites of Greece and when and if you are ready to leave this beautiful place… let’s sail…

 Relax in Le CONVIVIAL Luxury Suites & Spa with complimentary wines and champagne, welcome drinks, breakfast/brunch.

Experience this unique ritual with warm and essential oils dripping on your body while you are in the healing hands of two therapists massaging your body for one full hour.
Foot massage with essential oils and salts, rejuvanating and anti-aging body treatments and aromatic Moroccan hammam with olive balm and sandalwood will compliment your journey.

Relaxed and refreshed seize the chance of the unique experience of sailing in the Corinthian Bay Riviera, Saronic Islands and Ionian Islands.

Corinthian Bay Riviera


Sailing and Coast sightseeing in the Corinthian Bay

A journey of Coast sightseeing in the Corinthian Bay. Visit the temple of Hera and the Lake of Heraion. Swim in the beautiful waters of Antikyra and Trizonia Islands and finally visit the beautiful town of Galaxidi. Make sure you don’t miss the ancient theater and the museum of Delphi, umbilicus.

Saronic Islands

Corinthian Bay and the Saronic Islands

Sail through the Corinth Canal. Listen to the old legends and feel the breeze as you come close to the baths of “Helen the Beautiful”. Swim in the waters, where she swam and take something of her with you. Listen to the old legends and feel the breeze as you come close to the baths of “Helen the Beautiful”. Start your journey to the cosmopolitan Saronic Islands, from Epidaurus. Visit the famous Ancient Theatre…

Ionian Islands


A marvelous combination of history, beauty, and emerald waters of the Ionian Sea and the Corinthian Bay.

Start your adventure for Ithaca, Ulysses’ Island. Swim at Trizonia island in the Corinthian Bay, and visit the beautiful town of Galaxidi. If you are taken by the Pythia legends, visit Delphi, umbilicus.