Stay & Sail
Romantic sunset sailing in calm waters or adventurous action sailing for the adrenalin junky – we can offer you the whole range, all options included mesmerizing night skies lit up by millions of stars.

Seize the chance of the unique experience of sailing in the Corinthian Bay Riviera, Saronic Islands and Ionian Islands.

Corinthian Bay Riviera


Sailing and coast sightseeing in the Corinthian Bay

We offer you a journey of Coast sightseeing in the Corinthian Bay. Visit the temple of Hera and the Lake of Heraion. Swim in the beautiful waters of Antikyra and Trizonia Islands and finally visit the beautiful town of Galaxidi on the shores of the mainland. Make sure you don’t miss the ancient theater and the museum of Delphi, when in the area.

Saronic Islands

Corinthian Bay and the Saronic Islands

Sail through the magnificent Corinth Canal, dug deep to divide Peloponnese from the mainland. Listen to the old legends and feel the breeze as you come close to the baths of “Helen the Beautiful”. Swim in the water, where she swam and take something of her with you. Make a shore stop in Epidaurus on the east coast of Peloponnese and visit the famous ancient theatre before you set sails and head on to some of the many amazingly beautiful islands, spread out like gems in the Saronic waters.

Ionian Islands


A marvelous combination of history, beauty, and emerald waters of the Ionian Sea and the Corinthian Bay.

Start your adventure for Ithaca, Ulysses’ Island.