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A unique day experience can only end with a ritual of the Mediterranean taste and nature

Products from the rich sunny Mediterranean nature of Peloponnese and products of superior quality will enrich the taste and the memory from this place and they are part of everyday’s ritual.

Salads Summer sweet and sun dried tomatoes, fresh herbs and vegetables with great taste from small local farms and the Corinthian sunny countryside are mixed and matched to compliment the main dishes or a light meal. Each season has its own taste and products freshly and carefully harvested to keep all vitamins and taste without freezing or unnecessary process. The preparation ritual here is part of everyday routine and aromas from the kitchen are mixed with wine and vanilla, fresh herbs, menth and lavender.

The Olive Oil is of superior quality and it is widely used for any and all Mediterranean recipes.

Olives of different varieties from local producers for the olive and olive oil taste and all Mediterraneanlongivity dishes prepared fresh on site.

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This Week’s Dining Suggestions

  • Home made fresh ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms and sundried tomato in a buttered truffle scented sauce.
  • Carrot and pumkin soup with coriander and ginger
    Grilled haloumi with citrus jelly.
  • Fresh coloured salads dressed with our unique vinegraitte.
  • Celeri and leek soup with local gruyere cheese.
  • Organic lamb chops in a rosemary sause.
  • Pork tenderloin with dried fruits in a verbena wine sauce.
  • Home made pasta in a basil and tomato sauce.
  • Surprising desserts.

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