Ancient Greece and relaxation… Sea, Sun, Spa and Wine – Greece

7 days Spa Package including Day Cruise in the Saronic Islands, Spa treatments, Wine tasting in the vineyard of Nemea, Breakfast, Dinner, welcome drinks, floral baths and goodnight chocolate service

1st Day – Epidaurus – Isthmia & Corinth Canal Right after your visit at the famous Ancient Theater of Epidaurus experience more of the pleasure enjoying your drinks while sailing through Corinth Canal.

2nd Day – Athens-Acropolis & Healing Ceremony Day You will be thrilled with the view of Acropolis. Spend the day in Athens and after your late arrival enjoy a delightful package that will leave you looking refreshed and radiant with Mediterranean sea salt wrap and deep tissue massage.

3rd Day – Mycenae – Nafplion & Lomi Lomi Day Enjoy Mycenae and Nafplion all day long and before dinner, after an aromatic floral footbath, experience the divine Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage performed in “dance like” movements primarily from the Hawaiian martial arts of Lua, using the forearms in long flowing strokes along the body, with continual rhythm and fluidity.

4th Day – Swim and Wine Tasting Swim in the clear Mediterranean waters and then visit Ancient Nemea and its famous wineries. Walk in the colourful vineyards, taste great wines and meet the famous wine makers. Relax with hammam and reflexology. Enjoy evening drinks and great wines.

5th Day – Ancient Olympia & Harmony Day Spend your day in Ancient Olympia, the birth place of Olympic Games and the beautiful beaches, and when you are back, late in the evening relax and rejuvenate with the delightful combination of a floral footbath, choice of body scrub and a long-lasting 4-hand massage.
6th Day – Day Cruise to the Greek Islands at Saronic Bay Start your journey from the Cosmopolitan Saronic Islands. Visit Aegina, the pistachio island, with the imposing temple of Athena Aphaia, and from there sail to Poros, the island of the lemon tree forest. Walk around Poseidon temple. Find yourself in the island, the best known of all, Hydra Island, the world famous one, where Sophia Loren, Melina Merkouri and other actors shot a number of award-winning films.

7th Day – Swim and Relax in the forest Visit the ancient theatre of Sikyon and swim in the clear Mediterranean waters, relax and have a bicycle tour in the area and the pine forest. Don’t forget to take your dinks and your picnic box to compliment your last day in Paradise.

(Above suggested itinerary includes maps, detailed instructions and information, arrangement for museums, monasteries, wineries, reps in the archaeological sites and planning assistance. No car is included in the above price)