Travel in time with a tour to Le Convivial’s archaeology surroundings

Le Convivial is your ultimate destination to relive history. Situated at the epicentre of ancient Greek & Byzantine eras, , on the north coast of the island of Peloponnese, you can take an archaeology tour where you will see, feel and hear surroundings that date back thousands of years.

See, feel, hear…

The name of our region, Corinthos has remained the same for the last 5000 years, indicating the very same area of kings, philosophers and apostles, who left behind their marks on monuments (Mycenae), on sports (Olympia) and on culture (Epidaurus). They say that touring Greece is the things you can feel. Even more so it is the privilege to stand where Asclepius and Hippocrates used to heal their patients, where Periandros transformed philosophy into State, where the Apostle Paul preached, and to hear the echo of the words, the voices, the men.

The blue, the gold and the beautiful

Our village, Xylokastro is a picturesque little town lying on the shores of the Corinthian Gulf Riviera. The famous areas Corinthos, Epidaurus, Nemea, Mycenae, Nafplion, Delphi, Lepanto, Patras, Olympia, are all at a distance which is ideal for an amazing day trip. The beauty of the sights creates the beauty of the memories.

A Greek archaeology tour in the name of culture

Le CONVIVIAL Hotel as part of the ‘Culture Net Hotels’ has created a full vacation program for those who desire more than an ordinary vacation: a program containing excursions, relaxation, spa treatments and a historical Greek tour. If you want to dig deeper into the Greek history, just let us know your wish and we will do our outmost to make it come true. Detail is our guarantee, pleasure is our goal and a smile is our way. Friendship is the reward we seek, straight from your heart.

Long before the Athenians inhabited Athens…

Long before the Spartans conquered Sparta…

Long before Troy, Achilles, Agamemnon…

When Zeus, Apollo, Athena were young…

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