Food & Wine

Wines from the legendary Nemea & delicious traditional dishes

Fresh or dried branded black Corinthian current,  seasonal fruits, hand picked greens and vegetables, precious healing herbs from the wild and untouched sunny nature of Peloponnese and small local producers combine the culinary treasure of Corinthia, which is turned into delicacies with respect to the long local culinary tradition. And for those who cannot live without or die to taste the original superior taste of Mediterranean sea food prepared with love and passion it will be by itself a reason to come back.

Wineries & Labels

Taste the wine of Gods and enjoy the Mediterranean Nature in Nemea (the famous place of Hercules, the lion of Nemea and the Ancient Nemean Games, where the same grape varieties have been cultivated for the last… 3.000 years)

Nemea is the main winemaking area of Greece with famous winers and precious labels. We strongly suggest a wine tour in the famous Nemea vineyards and wineries combined with a unique visit at the archeological site of Ancient Nemea..