Long stays

Take a long break from winter. Enjoy the fall and the sunny weather in Peloponnese, Greece, and live like a local in the small, friendly town of Xylokastro, in the heart of Corinthian Riviera.

Do you love South Europe?

Do you love Mediterranean sunny weather, great food and superb wine tasting? Then why not stay with us a bit longer?

Xylokastro is a secret gem, that has not been discovered, yet, by mass tourism.


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Xylokastro is inviting you to:

Visit iconic archeological or historical places in the area and participate in the everyday life of this genuine Greek traditional area of Peloponnese with the breathtaking nature


Our little town is full of surprises and…. wonderful wines

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Join dancing, soap making, Mediterranean healing herbs and cooking classes

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Participate in seasonal harvesting, festivals  and activities

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Visit Farmers’ Bazzar for fresh fruits, vegetables or lose cloths easy to wear in fancy and bright colors

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Local seaside restaurants and traditional tavernas will take you in a tasty journey to the Greek cuisine complimented with ouzo!

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Go fishing, learn Greek or just socialize with the locals in the traditional cafes (kafeneion) by playing card games, backgammon or chess.. or just relax by staring the sea…

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Enjoy valuable privileges and additional special benefits with our compliments!

  • Direct connection to Athens and Athens Int’l Airport
  • Everyday activities and entertainment
  • Guided excursions
  • Visits to the famous wineries of the area with wine tasting and delicious home made dishes
  • Guided walking tour in the  town and the local markets
  • Maps and concierge services to discover the incredible countryside for all seasons.
  • Guided and private tours to Major archaeological sites of great interest all over Peloponnese Island
  • Free bicycles to scroll around in the pine forest by the sea or to  explore the surroundings
  • Guided tours in the famous Museums  and the ancient venues of the area with options for the most interested ones to explore unique excavation findings and have a lifetime experience with those who write the history (always  due to the strict excavation schedule)

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