Have lots of fun skiing in the Peloponnese Region!

There is a small ski resort on Mount Ziria , called the “winter sports center of Ziria”. It has one small beginner’s lift and one half red/half blue piste. The center is great to initiate your children, or yourself, to the joys of winter sports!

Certainly resort’s activities include sliding games, snowmobile rides, and two ski slopes, a 150-meter-long baby-lift and a 400-meter-long sliding slop.

Above all the staff is always available to help the guests.

There is a ski and snowboard rental shop, and a faculty where special instructors are waiting the beginners for their first ski lesson!

Kalavryta ski resort: The Mount Helmos means snowy mountain. It is a mountain range of northern Peloponnese located for the most part of Achaia and less in the Corinth prefecture.  North at an altitude of 2,355 meters Kalavryta province (the highest peak). The ancient name of the mountain was Aroania Mountains ex Aroanios river that flows in Planitero a wonderful area on the slope of Mount.

The Mainalon Ski Center is located in the Prefecture of Arcadia on the plateau of Ostrakina at an altitude of 1600 meters, below the highest peak of Mainalon (Prophet Elias 1981).

It belongs to the EOC. Tripoli and is 162 km from Athens, 120 km from Kalamata, 90 km from Sparta and Nafplion and only 30 km from Tripoli.

It is located at the borders of the Municipality of Tripoli and is 12 km from the village of Kapsia, 16 km from Levidi, 12 km from Vytina and 30 km from Dimitsana.

Mainalon Ski Center has seven pistes served by three sliding lifts.