Would you like to just spend a night in a Le Convivial Suite or would you prefer to turn your visit into a unique experience? We have a tailored service for your needs….


Suite Nine with its posted electrically inclining bed and its retro concept is an old fashion version of a luxury stay. Artistic mosaic from Sienna and a wall to wall mirror compliment the atmospheric bathroom. It is especially decorated with antiques and Andreas Sivitos paintings to fulfil reinforce this retro air.  Rich cotton and fine linen fabrics from Busatti of Tuscany, feather quilts, scented and fringed towels, candles, aromatic foam baths, and a plethora of flowers (only after your instructions) add to the aesthetics of the rooms. Enjoy relaxing massages from our therapists in your room with candles and aromatic essential oils, which will wake up your senses.

Antique furniture, hand-painted from Tuscany and Umbra
Busatti House sheets
Fabulous Tuscan fabrics
Feather quilts