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Xylokastro is a beautiful seaside town in the heart of Corinthian Riviera and in the center of famous and iconic archeological venues and breathtaking nature. Xylokastro honors its guests and those who visit the important archeological sites of the area with unique services, activities, cultural and seasonal events for all seasons.



The name of our region, Corinthos has remained the same for the last 5000 years, meaning the daughter “Kori” of the flower “Anthos” and indicating the very same area of kings, philosophers and apostles, who left behind their marks on monuments, on sports and on culture. Touring Greece is the things you can feel. Even more so it is the privilege to stand where Asclepius and Hippocrates used to heal their patients, where Periandros transformed philosophy into State, where the Apostle Paul preached…



An island for all seasons!  Peloponnese is one of the most gifted areas of Greece. Certainly a big island with an incredible nature for all seasons. Xylokastro is situated on the top of Peloponnese, of the… Greek Tuscany. Between two seas!

Suggested Excursions


Xylokastro is ideal for a number of amazing trips, excursions and short visits. Located on the Northern part of Peloponnese and close to major archeological sites and iconic places, Xylokastro is a perfect choice for those who want to experience Greece at its best.